Winsen MH-Z19B 이산화 탄소 센서 (IR적외선방식, Analog, UART, PWM 출력)




Product Description
MH-Z19B carbon dioxide gas sensor (hereinafter referred to as the sensor) is a general-purpose smart small-scale sensor that uses non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle to detect the presence of CO2 in the air, with good selectivity and anaerobic  Gas dependence, long life and other characteristics; built-in temperature compensation; at the same time with serial output, analog output and PWM output, easy to use. The sensor is a high-performance sensor that combines mature infrared absorption gas detection technology with precise optical path design and sophisticated circuit design.
Product Parameters
1. Product model number: MH-Z19B
2. Gas Detection: Carbon Dioxide
3. Supply voltage: 4.5~5.5V DC
4. Average current: <20mA (@5V power supply)
5. Peak current: 150 mA (@5V supply)
6. Interface level: 3.3V (5V compatible)
7. Measurement range: 0~10000ppm can be selected within the range
8. Output signal: Serial (UART) (TTL level 3.3V)
                        Analog output (DAC) (default 0.4~2V) (0~3V range configurable)
9. Warm-up time: 3min
10. Response time: T90<120s
11. Working temperature: 0~50°C
12. Operating Humidity: 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)
13. Weight: 5g
14. Life: >5 years
Sensor Characteristics
1. Gas chamber with gold plating, waterproof and corrosion resistant
2. High sensitivity, low power consumption
3. Excellent stability
4. Temperature compensation, excellent linear output
5. Provides serial (UART), analog (DAC), PWM waveform output methods
6. long lasting
7. Water vapor interference, not poisoning
HVAC refrigeration equipment
Air quality monitoring equipment
Fresh air system
Air purification equipment
Smart home
Pin Definition
Vin: Power Positive (Vin)
GND: Negative Power Supply (GND)
Vo: Analog output
HD: HD (zero for school, low for more than 7 seconds)
Rx: UART(RXD) TTL Level Data Input
Tx: UART (TXD) TTL level data output
Pin 1: Analog Output Vo
Pin 2: None
Pin 3: Negative Power Supply (GND)
Pin 4: Positive Power Supply (Vin)
Pin 5: UART(RXD) TTL Level Data Input
Pin 6: UART (TXD) TTL Level Data Output
Pin 7: None
Product Size:


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